A Four-day Work Week & Ep. 32 of the CMBH Podcast

Four-day Work Week

Hello! Exciting news from the UK was covered in the Wall Street Journal. 61 Companies trialed a four-day work week. It was (not surprisingly) a positive trial. Efficiency increased (mainly by eliminating meetings), productivity stayed the same. Employees continued making the same amount, but gained 14% of their time back each week!

It’s no secret that time (and control over it) is the most important variable to help us improve health and well-being. Findings like this are necessary to shake everyone out of the tired five-day, forty hour work-week model. Economies are crucial for societies to thrive, but economic success cannot reign supreme over individual health and happiness. It will take time, but I’m hopeful this will help us move in the right direction.

Ep. 32 of the CMBH Podcast

In this episode Dr. Ashley White, Ontario family MD, was our guest. Dr. White has developed her own approach to weight loss called Responsive Eating. We had a great discussion about managing obesity, health behaviours, health system challenges, eating disorders and more. Check it out! Share! Leave a review!