Continuous Glucose Monitoring: CMB Podcast Ep. 38

I spend a lot of time discussing how diet affects blood sugars. When I have a patient with insulin resistance, or diabetes, this conversation is a top priority. With the goal of preventing or reversing diabetes, we want to keep blood sugar under control, along with big spikes in insulin. The trouble is, individual responses to specific foods are variable. So, how can you learn what foods cause the biggest blood glucose increases? Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an accessible technology that can help. CGM uses a sensor applied to the back of your arm for two weeks, continuously sampling and measuring your blood glucose. Using a smartphone, you can check your levels as many times a day as you like.

In Canada, insurance covers CGM for patients with a diagnosis of diabetes being treated with insulin. However, there is likely a much broader benefit for those who’d like to prevent diabetes in the first place, especially if you are known to be at risk.

In this episode, we discuss my recent experience using CGM on myself and how I think this could be a practical tool for others.