What is Lifestyle Medicine?: CMB Podcast

The foundation of prevention and treatment of chronic disease is optimal lifestyle. Every set of evidence-based guidelines, whether for heart, lung, kidney, or neurological disease, starts by recommending dietary and exercise management. Practically, though, these components of treatment are paid lip service, opting instead for “medical” management.

Fortunately, there is an emerging specialty area called Lifestyle Medicine. Better known in the USA, we are starting to see it come north of the border. Lifestyle Medicine focuses on optimizing six pillars:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Social connection
  • Substance use reduction

Each pillar is important to address and based on good scientific evidence. Yet, there are challenges to implementation from the individual to systems levels, especially in our Canadian health care system. We explore these challenges and more during our conversation in today’s episode of the Cardiometabolic Health Podcast. Enjoy!