What is the Human Condition?

Let’s start at the beginning. To get what you want you must know what you have. Everyone, every single person, wants to improve their experience of life. We are all chasing well-being. Why? The Human Condition.

The Human Condition is what makes us human, apart from the animals. It is the condition we have inherited from the wondrous properties of nature. Simply put, it is that which makes us aware of our consciousness.

It is imperative to know this because everything you think, feel, do, and experience occurs in consciousness. This is where your life occurs, made possible by the Human Condition.

We have all been granted this gift, our common starting point. From there our paths diverge, even though we seek the same end. A good life, filled with well-being. On your personal journey, reflect on our alikeness, and know what made your good life possible.