What is well-being?

We have covered that the Human Condition allows us to have experiences within consciousness, our only true possession. I have also said that everyone is going about the same project, albeit in various and frenetic ways, to improve their well-being. The trouble is, most of us don’t know what outcome we seek.

Everyone has a sense that things could be better, motivating movement away from the current state toward some hazy destination where we will be relieved of tension, finding peace and tranquility. This destination, of course, is a mirage. But do not be discouraged. Greater understanding is needed.

Well-being is not a thing that you get. It is something that you experience. This is why it is not a place where we arrive, so much as something that washes over us from time to time. To optimize well-being we need to design our lives in a way that positions us to capture more experiences of it.

The components of well-being help to underscore my point. Coming from the positive psychology world these include positive emotions, engagement (when you apply your strengths to something you care about), positive relationships, meaning (or purpose), and accomplishment. These are the things we are trying to capture in our experiences.

Take some time to reflect on the components of well-being. Consider how the different aspects of your life, and the stories you tell yourself about them, include them or not. Keep following and we will continue to explore how to optimize well-being.

Be well.